Endoscopia veterinaria


Endoscopy is a diagnostic technique in medicine and veterinary medicine which consists of introducing a camera or lens inside a tube, or endoscope, through a natural orifice, a surgical incision or a lesion in order to visualise an organ or body cavity.

Through endoscopy, and under anaesthesia, therefore painless for the dog or cat, we explore organs such as the ears or nose, or also the digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system and urinary system. We can explore the cause of problems such as vomiting or incontinence, among many others. We can also remove foreign bodies such as bones, toys or anything else, without the need for surgery, allowing the dog or cat to return to its daily life immediately.

At Balmesvet Veterinary Hospital in Barcelona we carry out diagnostic procedures and endoscopic surgery, as well as exploratory and minimally invasive surgical techniques.