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The Ethology Service deals with problems related to behaviour. This service is carried out at home in order to get to know the dog’s or cat’s environment and correctly understand their personality and behaviour.

Together with the Preventive Medicine Service, it offers a prevention service structured in 3 steps:

  • Family education before getting a dog or cat.
  • Appropriate selection.
  • Family education after choosing a dog or cat to live with.

Premature detection of behavioural problems (regular questionnaires and counselling). Our professionals consider that the most appropriate way to educate is positive, understanding and respecting the needs of your dog or cat. Long-term success in healthy behaviour and correction of inappropriate behaviour will be achieved with greater respect if we first try to understand what motivates misbehaviour and teach an appropriate alternative behaviour.

The veterinary ethology team deals with all behavioural problems. Some of the most common issues in dogs are: aggression, fear, separation anxiety, destructive behaviour, urinating/defecating at home, excessive barking, phobias, stress, stereotypies, etc. For cats, the most common issues treated are: urinating/defecating in inappropriate places, aggression, marking, excessive vocalisation or nocturnal activity.