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Oncology & Chemotherapy

The Balmesvet Oncology Service provides the most advanced diagnosis, treatment and care for patients suffering from cancer.

We use the most advanced imaging techniques to offer a definitive and accurate diagnosis, as well as a determination about the stage of the disease that allows us to provide the most appropriate treatment options for each patient.

We know that a cancer diagnosis can cause concern and confusion. Many people living with a dog or cat with cancer face difficult decisions regarding treatment options. Our oncologists are professionals who can guide you appropriately so that you can make the best decision and ensure that your dog or cat has the best quality of life throughout the course of the disease. Chemotherapy treatments are administered by specialist veterinarians, with the help of VTA experts in oncology and cytostatic medication, trained to respond quickly if the patient has any problems or reactions, which guarantees you total assurance.

The oncology surgery team offers specialised treatments.

In view of the complexity and multiple issues faced by oncology patients, we are able to offer all the services necessary to overcome the disease, such as specific nutrition, pain management, internal medicine services, ethology, etc.We work in collaboration with radiotherapy centres to offer the most appropriate treatments for patients who need them.

If your dog or cat suffers from any of the most common cancers (breast tumour, mastocytoma, soft tissue sarcoma, lymphoma, haemangiosarcoma, leukaemia, histiocytic sarcoma,osteosarcoma, urinary bladder transitional cell carcinoma, thyroid carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, etc.), you can consult our blog for information that could be useful to you.