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Skin pathologies affecting dogs and cats are very common. From allergies, ectoparasites, acute or chronic ear infections, immune-mediated, fungal, genetic, viral, neoplastic diseases, to others that may affect the nails or cause hair loss.

We will assess the problem to detect the cause and reach a diagnosis on the basis of a specialised consultation. Our aim is to find the specific disease and proceed with a treatment adapted to the dog’s or cat’s needs.

At Balmesvet we offer the following services for dogs and cats:

  • Sampling by cytology and trichogram.
  • Sampling for bacterial culture and antibiogram, as well as fungal cultures (DTM).
  • Observation by WOOD lamp for the detection of skin fungus.
  • Allergology service: blood tests to detect allergies and intradermal tests. Immunotherapy.
  • Elimination diets to detect food hypersensitivities.
  • Blood tests to detect hormonal or other diseases that may affect the skin, such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s syndrome.
  • Obtaining skin biopsies under local or general anaesthesia, with histopathological study.
  • Videotoscopy and CAT scan to assess pathologies affecting the ear.
  • Myringotomy.
  • 24h surgery service for wound healing, burns, skin transplants and skin plasties.
  • Advice on how to keep your dog or cat’s skin clean, healthy and free of parasites.