Since 2010 Balmesvet has been a leading veterinary hospital for dogs in Barcelona and the surrounding area.

We have 24-hour service every day of the year and a professional team of 9 veterinarians and xx professional assistants.

Our mission is to offer high quality service to help improve the welfare of dogs using the utmost scientific expertise and the most innovative technology.

Our strategic location in the heart of Barcelona as well as our facilities and technological equipment allow us to deliver full veterinary examination for dogs. We must also mention that due to our approach towards canine medicine, the entire Balmevet team is constantly updating its veterinary knowledge to ensure the best diagnoses, treatments and interventions with the greatest level of satisfaction

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Our Canine Facilities

As a Barcelona-based veterinary hospital for dogs, we have modern facilities equipped with the latest technology to treat any type of canine consultation without the need to refer the dog to other clinics. To do so, we have consultations, waiting rooms and an ICU exclusively for dogs.

The Canine Hospital is divided into 5 areas with a total of 350 m2.

Reception and Customer Service Area.
This area includes the reception and customer service room, a puppy reception area, a separate customer service telephone room, 6 consultation rooms and a bereavement room.

ICU and Hospitalisation Area.
This area includes a general ICU room and an ICU room for infectious diseases.

Diagnostic Area.
This area includes a laboratory room, a radiology room, an ultrasound room and a CT (computed tomography) room.

Treatment Area.
This area includes a pre-operative and anaesthesia room and an operating theatre.

Training Area.
This area includes a training room for referring veterinarians and VTA(Veterinary Technical Assistant).

We are also a training centre in canine veterinary medicine, since we believe that we should share and spread our knowledge with other professionals in the sector.

The overall well-being of your dog is our priority.