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FEAR-FREE CLINIC | FEAR FREE and Low Stress Handling

We look after the physical and emotional well-being of both your dog and your cat. In 2015, we started ongoing training sessions to implement all the necessary procedures for cats to have a more pleasant experience without stress and pain. We are very proud to be named a “fear-free hospital” by the Companion Animal Welfare Education Center (CAWEC). We are currently in the process of receiving dual international accreditation from the most distinguished organisations to achieve Fear Free Practice certification and Cat Friendly Clinic Gold status from the ISFM.

Below, we explain how to make the experience more pleasant for dogs and cats without fear, stress or pain.

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All veterinary hospital members, veterinary assistants and receptionists who join the team receive training to learn how to identify fear, anxiety, stress and pain in dogs and cats.

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Two hospitals

Balmesvet is made up of two different hospitals: the canine hospital and the feline hospital. Each hospital is adapted and designed to reduce anxiety and fear among our patients.

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Colors y tonalities

The centre’s colours and shades and the team’s uniforms are designed to be “Fear Free”, so that dogs and cats feel at ease rather than threatened, as well as helping them to feel safer and more comfortable.

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The professionals who interact with your cat are sprayed with calming feline pheromones.

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We adapt

During the consultation and procedures, we adapt to whatever makes your dog feel most comfortable, devoting the necessary time and gentleness he or she deserves.

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UCI cats

In the ICU, the cats have spacious areas equipped with differently designed kennels according to their preferences, as well as blankets, a large tray, clothing with their family’s scents, etc.

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How can a hospital without stress, fear or pain help your cat or dog?

If your cat or dog does not suffer from stress, fear or pain, the examination can be completed in full cooperation with them. Physical examination vitals such as temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, pain perception, body posture, etc. are altered by stress. Stress also alters blood test parameters such as glucose, platelets, lymphocytes and neutrophils, and potassium. The absence of fear and pain makes the physical examination and test results more reliable and useful, and facilitates better diagnosis.

At Balmesvet we care about animals, and we make sure that this passion is reflected by treating dogs and cats with respect and compassion, and by providing a state-of-the-art medical service with the most advanced technology.

“We care for the ones you love the most”