Our team are leading veterinary specialists in feline medicine in Barcelona.

We do our work because cats are unique and deserve somewhere special. Balmesvet Veterinaris is that place, and we hope it will be for you too.

At Balmesvet we cover all veterinary services for cats: vaccinations, analyses, internal medicine, surgery, traumatology, cardiology, reproduction, dermatology, ultrasound, radiology, etc.Our central location allows us to provide our services in the heart of Barcelona and its vicinity.

Clínica Cat Friendly

Feline Hospital Without Stress, Fear or Pain and Gold Feline Clinic

We look after the physical and emotional well-being of both your dog and your cat. In 2015, we started ongoing training sessions to implement all the necessary procedures for cats to have a more pleasant experience without stress and pain. We are very proud to be named a “fear-free hospital” by the Companion Animal Welfare Education Center (CAWEC). We are currently in the process of receiving dual international accreditation from the most distinguished organisations to achieve Fear Free Practice certification and Cat Friendly Clinic Gold status from the ISFM.

How can a hospital without stress, fear or pain help your cat or dog?

If your cat or dog does not suffer from stress, fear or pain, the examination can be completed in full cooperation with them. Physical examination vitals such as temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, pain perception, body posture, etc. are altered by stress. Stress also alters blood test parameters such as glucose, platelets, lymphocytes and neutrophils, and potassium. The absence of fear and pain makes the physical examination and test results more reliable and useful, and facilitates better diagnosis.

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Our instalations

The Feline Hospital is a hospital exclusively for cats, created to ensure the most delicate and attentive treatment for our patients. It is divided into 5 areas with a total of 350 m2.

Reception and Customer Service Area.
This area includes the reception and customer service room, a separate customer service telephone room, 4 consultation rooms and a bereavement room.

ICU and Hospitalisation Area.
This area includes a general ICU room, an examination room for hospitalised cats and an ICU room for infectious diseases.

Diagnostic Area.
This area includes a laboratory room, a radiology room, an ultrasound room and a CT (computed tomography) room.

Treatment Area.
This area includes a pre-operative and anaesthesia room and an operating theatre.

Training Area.

This area includes a training room for referring veterinarians and VTA(Veterinary Technical Assistant).